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The Power behind eFLIP

More data

We actively monitor 23.3 million ISBNs - and counting!

Less fluff

We only serve up potential flips with a sales rank less than 3 million.

Prime visibility

We let you filter by FBA offers so you can quickly find profitable flips.
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How does it work?
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Two strategies to
earn a profit

Buy Merchant Fulfilled, Sell FBA

Make profit year-round by purchasing low-priced Merchant Fulfilled items and reselling them for a premium via FBA.  eFLIP Outliers helps you quickly find books with a gap between the MF and FBA offers.

Buy textbooks in the off-season

Make profit purchasing low-priced textbooks in the off-season and reselling them at a premium in January and August.  Our Known Textbooks database helps you quickly identify seasonal books so you can stock up throughout the year.

the secret weapon

Outliers introduces two unique filters to the world of online arbitrage:  eScore and the Used Buy Box Price.  eScore is the number of days a book has sold at least one copy in the past six months.  This metric protects you against the volatility of sales rank so you can buy better books.

Learn more about eScore here.

Prime visibility =
find flips faster.

The Used Buy Box is usually the lowest Prime price, which allows you to sort through our entire database based on FBA prices.  The days of clicking links to see the Prime prices on Amazon are over - the Prime prices are now in our database where they belong.  eScore and the Used Buy Box will give you a competitive edge compared to other online arbitrage tools.

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Why 21 Days?

Our goal is to help you make money on Amazon.  If we can’t do that, then we don’t deserve your money.  That’s why we’ve chosen to extend our trial from 3 days to 21 days.  This gives you the opportunity to test the entire process - from sourcing, to listing, to selling - all before your first bill ever comes due.
Week 1: source
In your first week, you'll learn how to use eFLIP to buy your first items to resell.
Week 2: list 
Those orders will begin to arrive at your front door and you can list them for sale on Amazon.
Week 3: sell
Your items should arrive at an Amazon warehouse in week three and be available for sale.

Move beyond traditional sourcing methods with online arbitrage

Scout anywhere
On a beach? Living in Australia? If you have access to internet, you can run your business from anywhere.
Scout anytime
Are you a night owl? An early bird? No need to wait for stores to open their doors anymore - eFLIP is open for business 24/7.
Any device
Mac? PC? Tablet? Phone? We’ve got you covered! eFLIP works on any device.

Membership has its benefits

Be part of a community of experienced sellers. Learn, ask, share, and grow together!

eFLIP University

In-depth video courses to help you improve your sourcing strategies and processes.

Affiliate Program

Help spread the word - receive 25% in recurring commissions for each friend you refer.

Customer results

Bought for $12.07 using eflip and sold for $69.99 -- it's big money! And it's fun and can be done in your PJs
Reezy Resells
I just purchased my first dozen books using this software. I paid $68 and will list them for $497. Nice!!
Instagram @tony

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The books plan is our most popular category and includes unlimited access to our database of Known Textbooks as well as our all-new Outliers interface.  All other categories are sold separately.
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Full access to Outliers
Full access to book database
Full access to textbook database
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